Infrastructural Projects

How does one build an ideal city, the modern, most livable city? How does one create an urban planning project, which is beautiful not only on paper but also in real life? KROST creates complex infrastructure prior to beginning the construction of residential projects.


KROST has created unprecedented parking projects in Russia which maximize the use of existing space. The Company has adapted best international practice and its own scientific and research innovations to develop parking projects. This is possible due to the use of the latest construction technologies and cutting-edge products manufactured by KROST companies.

The parking projects fully meet European standards, as well as local client requirements:

  1. Cost effectiveness (customer cost containment);
  2. High capacity (maximum number of parking stalls);
  3. Comfort (good layout, navigation and entrance points);
  4. High quality (dry construction);
  5. Speed (short-term construction);
  6. Intelligent architecture;
  7. Safety (one-way traffic, emergency fire exits).


  1. Underground parking;
  2. Above-ground parking;
  3. Above-ground parking with an underground part.

KROST designs parking facilities with a long-span configuration, which allows for more vehicles. This also allows saving 30% of space!