“You cannot imagine either a Russian state or our culture without the Russian Orthodox Church. The Russian Orthodox Church as well as other traditional confessions keeps our moral values.”
Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation

KROST strives to change the world for the better and to support our society’s true values: love for our neighbors, tolerance and justice.

Everyone needs moral support. For many years, KROST has acted as one of the key contractors for the Russian Orthodox Church. During this time, KROST has built more than 30 churches in Moscow and the Russian regions. Now, the Company is building one of the largest and most beautiful churches in Moscow, as part of the Moscow Construction Fund’s Program-200. The Program’s Board of Trustees is headed by Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All-Russia and Sergei Sobyanin, Mayor of Moscow.

At all times, church construction has been considered to be building a home for the presence of God and the grace of God. This is a special philosophy; a philosophy of Good.

KROST strives to hear church bells chime in new districts, and each new construction begins with the construction of a church, and only after that new houses are built.