Pilot Project Aimed at Humanizing the City Environment May Be Implemented in Krasnogorsk (the Moscow Region)

German Yelyanyushkin, the Deputy Chairman of the Moscow Region’s government, has announced that Moscow Region officials are negotiating with Jan Gehl, a well-known Danish architect, regarding possible cooperation in creating public spaces in the Region's cities.

Mr. Yelyanyushkin said: “Now, we are discussing the idea of creating Krasnogorsk's master plan with Mr. Gehl to humanize the city, for example, via bike paths.”

Mr. Gehl added: “I would like to discuss with the Moscow Region cooperating in respect to the creation of a network of bike paths.” He pointed out that many cities have begun modernizing public spaces by organizing bike paths, but added that the main goal is to make the whole city more comfortable for people.

According to Mr. Gehl, he plans to develop a pilot project for a pedestrian zone in one of the cities of the Moscow Region.

Alexei Vorontsov, the Chief Architect of the Moscow Region, explained the problems of the region, which has 77 cities and 111 towns: “We have a problem with crazy urbanization and large-scale residential construction. The cities' road systems are seriously outdated; and social infrastructure is practically absent. Our goal is to humanize this environment.” He pointed out that Mr. Gehl is a well-known architect with great experience in resolving social environment problems that can emerge even at the pedestrian zone level.

Mr. Vorontsov added that Mr. Gehl would carry out a two day master class to present his developments to the heads of architectural and urban construction organizations in the Moscow Region.

Mr. Gehl is already well-known in Russia. In 2012, his books were translated into Russian and published by KROST Concern. Alexei Dobashin, CEO of KROST, said that the Company supported Mr. Gehl’s ideas. He added: “KROST’s position, which is reflected in our construction projects, is: every square meter shall bring benefit our people.”

Source: InterfaxNewsAgency 

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