As a leading producer of construction materials an industrial complex of the Concern has a number of advantages, in particular: 

  1. High efficiency 
  2. Industrial conditions of production 
  3. Laboratory quality control 
  4. Design department 
  5. Possibility of products customization 
  6. Professional experts 
  7. European level of service

Precast concrete

Precast concrete allows erecting buildings of any type under standard and individual designs, of any degree of complexity, reduces scope of works on construction sites.

Paving elements

Gotika factory offers a wide range of forms and colors for paving materials. Thanks to a variety of production of Gotika factory buyers can choose individual types of paving according to their wishes.


The plants of "Concrete 222" network produce concrete with a wide range of operational characteristics.


"Dekon" woodworking plant fabricated and installed more than 50 thousand sq.m of wooden windows of the highest class for the years of its work. 


"Dekon" woodworking plant produces doors under standard and individual designs and of different species of wood. The metalwork plant produces metal doors.